Our Wednesday evening activities focus our efforts on discipleship. Believing that Jesus was crystal clear when He gave his final instructions to go into all the world and make disciples, we have clarified the purpose of our Wednesday evening events to strategically focus on the task of Disciple making - or making missionary followers of Jesus.

Thursday is usually a school and work day! Being sensitive to your family's needs, we have scheduled these activities from 6-7:30 pm so you have the opportunity to experience Wednesdays at First and be able to get your family home earlier in the evening. All of our Wednesday evening activities are at our Kempsville Road Location unless otherwise noted.


Wednesdays at First Discipleship Classes | 6-7:30PM | See the entire adult class list
Worship Choir | 6-7:30PM, Choir Room
Orchestra | 6:30-8PM, Worship Center

STUDENTS (Grades 6-12)

Student Worship | 6-7:30 PM | Room 300

Our mid-week worship gathering designed just for students. Join us for God-focused music, video, drama, prayer, and a relevant message. For more details on our Student Ministry activities, contact Debbie Hoffius, or 802.9517.


Check-in at the Preschool Desk on the First Floor | 6-7:30 PM
Jungle Jaunt | Kempsville Location

Jungle Jaunt will take place on Wednesdays (July and August) from 6-7:30 pm. Pack your bags and get ready for an exciting, adventurous journey through the Amazon Rainforest. Travel through the Amazon region along narrow rainforest trails, over roaring rapids, and through dense woodlands as we lead preschool kids to experience and celebrate the One True God! Details: or 802-9516.


Summer Road Trip | Kempsville Location, Room 220

Summer Road Trip takes place on Wednesdays (July and August) from 6-7:30 pm. Are we there yet? Come join us on our summer road trip as we explore the Israelites and their road trip to the land that God promised them. Let's have fun learning about God and all the good things he has in store for us! Questions: or 802-9516.


Parent Refuge | Kempsville Location

Parent Refuge meets on Wednesday Nights from 6-7:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall. Looking for a moment to catch up on your emails? Or maybe a place to sit down and relax with your friends? Come by the Parent Refuge on Wednesday nights! It’s not a program … it’s a time and place … just for you! (Coffee, water bottles and the occasional yummy will be available!)



Leaders: Various | Rooms 311-312

July 17
The Church Encouraging Positive Parenting | Dr. Bonnie Erb

July 24
The Church Embracing Special Needs | Kristina Foster

July 31
The Church Affirming Singles/Military | Gary Sanders

August 7
The Church Affirming Courageous Grandparenting | Dave and Sharon Lewis

August 14
The Church Providing Support for Caregivers and End of Life Needs | Karen Shoaf/Jeanette Stallings

August 21
The Church Modeling Healthy Marriage | Eric & Eydie Thomas

First Norfolk Men - The Power of Jesus’ Names by Tony Evans

Leaders: Darryl Meincke & Chuck Brady | Cross Roads Center, Suite 109

Some names live in infamy, and some names inspire the greatest kinds of hope. But there is one name above all other names, and it belongs to the Son of God, Jesus. Jesus is the most unique person who’s ever lived, and his names carry with them great weight.
In this six-session series, Dr. Tony Evans journeys around the stomping grounds of Jesus in the land of Israel and presents a complete picture of the Incarnate God. By teaching on each of the major names of Jesus, Tony brings us face-to-face with the Second Person of the Trinity. Shot in the major locations where Jesus himself lived and taught, we find ourselves asking one question: “What will we do with Jesus?”

Grief and Loss Group

Leader: Janice Garris / Room 306

Grief is a natural response to a loss. You may experience many difficult and overwhelming emotions that will seem to never end. Grief and Loss Support Group is a group where you can share your feelings, listen to the experience of others, and learn how to heal with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior at your side. Please feel free to come anytime during the session.

Old Testament Survey

Leader: Dick Tonnesen | Room 308

In this class we will listen to well-known Bible teacher and pastor, Dick Woodward, as he teaches his Old Testament Survey of the Bible. This teaching is part of his Mini Bible College, being taught all over the world. Dick’s devotional style of teaching is easy to understand and popular with people from all walks of life. Handouts will be provided.

Book of Romans (continuing)

Leader: Hilton Oliver | Room 323/324

This chapter-by-chapter and verse-by-verse study of the letter to the church at Rome will provide a great foundation for growing in your understanding of foundational Christian doctrines that will serve you well throughout your Christian life. With salvation at the heart of Paul’s message, the Apostle Paul makes clear that this great gift of God to mankind is by faith alone, in Christ alone. Handouts will be provided.


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