Mission and Vision


Serving Hampton Roads to Change the World


First Baptist Church of Norfolk exists to glorify God by winning and leading all the people within our reach to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.


Love God, Love Others, Live the Mission, Make Disciples


  • God’s Glory: Expressing honor to God in every area of life.
  • Christ’s Love: Experiencing the love of Christ as life’s greatest delight
  • Authentic Relationships: Serving people with the sacrificial love of Jesus
  • Biblical Truth: Treasuring God’s Word as the rule for life and faith
  • Transformed Lives: Helping people who are far from God find new life in Christ


We visualize our vision of ministry through what we call The Napkin. The idea is you can explain the vision to someone else by jotting it on a napkin. It gives us a picture of how we structure our ministry activities and reminds us all how we should be on mission every day as a follower of Christ.

The icons in the Napkin represent where we are in life at different times and seasons and reminds us of how we can live the mission each day.

Each week we come together at least once with other believers around the cross. We go to our homes where we minister to and within our families, but also to our neighbors. As we build relationships with our neighbors, our conversations change from small talk to spiritual matters. As we go out into the community, we find ourselves at work, school or play along life's normal pathways. We go out of our normal pathways to build bridges to people we don't normally come across in our day-to-day lives. Finally, individuals and the church together, build multiplying works which will continue to reach others for Jesus Christ.

The Gathering. Coming together weekly around the cross of Christ with our church family.

  • Missionary followers of Jesus Christ grow to Love God, Love Others, and Live the Mission.
  • Welcome. Showing hospitality and kindness to those who visit in the Gathering.


  • Family Room. Spiritual growth for you, your family, and others who are like family.
  • Yard. Creating new connections and finding common ground with neighbors.
  • Kitchen Table. Moving from small talk to spiritual conversations.

Communities. Where others live, work, and play.

  • Pathways. Ministering to others along life's routine.
  • Bridges. Connecting people outside of our pathways to Christ.
  • Crossroads. Multiplying works which produce missionary followers of Christ.


why am I here? why do I need God?


First Baptist Norfolk

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Norfolk, VA 23502

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