New to Hampton Roads? Welcome!

If you are looking to connect with a church, consider giving us a try! If there is some way we might be able to serve you while you are stationed in our community don’t hesitate to get in touch. We dearly love military and military families! That’s why our church feels so strongly about maintaining a dynamic, focused ministry designed to minister to the unique needs and challenges faced by service members and their families. We appreciate the sacrifices, the moves, the deployments, and all that pertains to military life and service. We understand that you’re looking for a kind, friendly place to call home. Welcome home!

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We are young adults with different backgrounds and from many places. We are diverse and yet come from the same generation and share a common faith. We are in the military, on the college campus, in the professional world, or in transition.


We have lots of military singles and couples who are actively engaged in our Young Adult Ministry. If you are an 18-20 something in Hampton Roads, give our First Norfolk young adult community a try!
Join our Facebook group: Military Young Adults @ First Norfolk


We believe that the best way to grow in your faith and in service is to be a part of a LIFEgroup. They are small, regular gatherings of people in a similar stage of life. Groups provide community, biblical teaching, and opportunities for service. We offer both on and off-campus groups. Visit Next Steps on Sundays, talk with a staff member, or contact the Military Ministry office for current info on LIFEgroups for Young Adults. 



Worship with other young adults at an alternative time to Sunday morning.

Honoring Active Duty and Veterans

Several times a year we recognize and honor the service of active duty and their families as well as those who have served. We highlight military service on Sundays in conjunction with Memorial Day, 4th of July, Veterans Day, and conduct an annual Vision and Valor Military Day.

Sharing Life through Small Group Community

The primary way we support, encourage, equip, and minister to military singles and families is through our small groups (i.e. LIFEgroups). We have on campus and off campus LIFEgroups designed with the needs of all ages in mind. Most of our adult groups are mixed but we do have some which are especially for military

Deployment Ministry

We seek to stay in touch with deployed service members and their families. We send care packages several times a year to our deployed as well as others who share some connection with our church family. As a service we provide free resources which address deployment, marriage and family, and combat trauma related issues. If you are currently deployed, soon to deploy, or have a friend or family member deploying from our area let us know.

Vision & Valor Military Day

A time to honor and pray for our military and catch a greater vision for outreach and ministry to the military of Hampton Roads – and beyond! See photos and info from Vision and Valor Military Day 2019!

Transitioning to or from Hampton Roads?

We’d be honored to assist in whatever way we can to make your transition to Hampton Roads go more smoothly. We help lots of people and do so regardless of whether or not they ever attend or have an interest in affiliating with our church. Are you planning to PCS from our area in the near future? When military friends leave our community we like to assist with personal connections at their next location.

Military Missions Network


We partner with Military Missions Network. We seek to be intentional and collaborate in the arena of missional military ministry alongside others strategically engaged through this network.

Military Believer


In conjunction with related networking efforts, we recommend as a way to facilitate connections for military worldwide. Use this resource to find churches and ministries where you are currently located or in advance of your next move. We have ministry friends all over the world who love and serve military. We like to refer to these friends as our “Pathway Partners.” We will be more than happy to make personal introductions, just give us a call!

Serving Hampton Roads to Change the World

It is our great privilege to love and care for those serving in our Armed Forces. Through military ministry we seek to address in a practical way the needs of military singles and families from all backgrounds and cultures. Our heart is to serve all military in Hampton Roads and beyond through our unconditional love and support. Our passion is to share God’s love in both word and deed.

Our focus is to train and equip believers living within the military society. It is our joy to embrace and invest in them, and to send them out with a gospel-centered perspective so that by the end of their assignment in our community they see the military culture and their careers as God-ordained platforms for ministry.

Our intent is for relational discipleship to be at the core of all we do. By relational discipleship we mean one-on-one and small group mentoring and discipleship. By God's grace, we seek to continually build and nurture a sustainable disciple-making movement within and extending beyond our church.

Our church exists to glorify God by winning and leading all the people within our reach to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. The purpose of our Military Ministry is to fulfill the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-40) by meeting the needs of military people and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) by equipping military believers to live as fully devoted followers of Christ wherever they are stationed worldwide.

The Harbor

Groups launching September 19th & 20th
The Harbor is a mentoring ministry for moms. This incredible opportunity is for moms of all ages and in all stages at First Norfolk and in our community. We know that parenting well does not happen without intentionality and investment. The Harbor will be a place where moms from one generation can invest in moms of the next generation and we can all work together to honor the Lord as we raise our children.



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