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Frequently Asked Questions About LIFEgroups

1. How much time is this going to take?

ON Campus LIFEgroups last for 60-75 minutes. OFF campus groups may be up to 2 hours depending on whether or not they include a meal. Additionally, many LIFEgroups members begin to do life together outside of the LIFEgroup - eating out, playing golf, meeting at the beach, going to a movie, etc. The community that is built can be life changing. Most groups have parties and do service projects together as well.

2. Am I going to have to talk or can I just sit and listen during a life group?

Life group is like family---- sometimes you talk, sometimes you listen. No one is forced to talk or to lead the group. We all function at a different pace and you are allowed to do this as well.

3. Will I have to pray out loud?

No, just grow at your own pace. No one is forced to participate until they feel comfortable doing so.

4. Who will be in this group?

OFF campus LIFEgroups are often formed by the leader inviting friends, neighbors, acquaintances, or others who share something in common, i.e. same neighborhood, same career/workplace, similar age or life stage. ON Campus groups generally are made up of individuals of similar age or life station/common interest. All ON Campus groups are open for new people to attend at any time.

5. How much do I have to know about the Bible?

Nothing. LIFEgroups provide an atmosphere for building community while learning from the Bible. It is a safe place to say, “I need help learning more about this.”

6. Why connect with a LIFEgroup?

Because connecting with a life group is the number one way you will learn how to love God, love others and live the mission with an amazing group of friends in this church.

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