LIFEgroups are small group gatherings of people connected with others in ways that help them grow to love God and others even more.

LIFEgroups are the right place where you can love and be loved, care and be cared for, serve and be served. Being a part of a LIFEgroup will connect you with a group of friends who care for each other, and together grow in their faith through Bible Study and fellowships in homes.

LIFEgroups for all ages meet on campus. There are also online, off campus, and hybrid in-person/online groups. Off campus and online groups meet at different days, places, times, or locations than traditional on campus Sunday groups.

If you are not currently connected to a LIFEgroup, scroll down this page for information about our LIFEgroups, or stop by Next Steps in the Lobby to find a group that is a great fit for you! You can also email us at and we'll answer your questions and help you find a group that is right for you.

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Age-grouped Preschool, Kids, and Student LIFEgroups meet at 9:00 AM & 10:30 AM on Sundays

PRESCHOOL (birth - Kindergarten): 1st Floor, East Entrance
KIDS (1st-5th grade): Kids Area, North Entrance
STUDENTS (6th-12th grade): 3rd Floor


Some adult groups also offer a virtual meeting with those at home.

LIFEgroups 7:45 AM

Group Name Leaders + Virtual Room Ages
Early Horizons E. Chappell YES 301-302 50-70
Winning Walk V. Rose 208 ALL


LIFEgroups 9:00 - 10:15 AM

Group Name Leaders + Virtual Room Ages
Clay Vessels in His Grip S. Lawrence 202 60-80
Faith Bible Class (Women) E. Savage Parlor 65-80
Fishers of Men J. Hunt Tues, 6:30PM 304 Adult men
Grace R. Deans 207 45-65
G.I.F.T. K. Beardsley 311 35-55
Herring LIFEgroup P. Herring 305 All ages
Knit Together Walter Vest 314 30-50
Legacy Builders and Spiritual Bootcamp Men Mike Kynett 308 40+
Legacy Builders Women Robin Howerin 307 40+
Life Together Dwayne Boyce 220 45-70
Shepherds Max Kimmel YES 232 45-70
Thrive Dave Lewis 208-209 18-30
Women of Gratitude Jan Herring 310 ALL
Women of Praise Debbie Hardway YES 203 45-65
Young Professionals Sean Hall and Curt Breland YES 309 18-30

LIFEgroups 10:30 AM - 11:45 AM

Group Name Leaders + Virtual Room Ages
Art of Marriage Michael Kelly 206 Married
Challengers Charles Blackman 202 65+
Circle of Encouragers Michael Little 311 50-75
Conquerors Dave Brown 203 65-80
Family Matters Bo Garvin 306 30-50
Friendship Dick Baker 208-209 65+
God's Good News Hilton Oliver 303 45-65
Life Savers Paul Simmons 301-302 45-70
Never Alone Tom Wilson 308 All ages
One Accord T. Mowell 310 25-40
Pathfinders J. Uberman Parlor 70+
Truth Seekers Gary Ferman
317 35-75
Women of the Word R. Hipple 220 45-70


LIFEgroups meet virtually over the internet with Zoom or via a conference call

Group Name Leaders Day Time Type Ages
Fishers of Men Rob Simmons TUE 6:30 PM Zoom all
In Touch Lyle Barstow SUN 11:00 Conf Call 65+
Mims Bible Class Leon Scott SAT 1:00 PM Conf Call 65+
Orchestra Irv Beard SUN 9:00 AM Zoom ALL AGES
Women With a Mission SUN 8:00 AM ALL AGES


Group Name Leaders Day Time Ages Contact
Professional Young Adults TUE 6:00 PM ALL AGES
Scattered Church-Beaver Dam Road David Frost THUR 6:30 PM ALL AGES email
Young Adults - Women Debbie Culpeper FRI 6:30 PM 18-35 email
Young Adults - Men Gary Sanders FRI 6:30 PM 18-35 email



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